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A marketing portal from HQ Printing is an easy-to-use, fully customizable online ordering solution for your custom branded marketing materials. We provide all of the print collateral and other marketing products and make them available in your private company store.


Multi-location or Divisions

Centralized ordering, local purchasing authority, multiple cost centers, or custom approval process - not a problem, we can do that! We make branch marketing orders easy.

Franchise printing

Retail & Restaurant Franchises

Each franchisee can order approved marketing products through a unique portal associated with their location while maintining complete brand consitency.



From medical groups to hospital districts, we make ordering marketing materials, forms, pamphlets, and the rest of your printing a breeze! Need signage or displays? We do that too!


Manufacturers & Distributors

From on-demand packaging, product inserts, and point-of-sale displays to facility posters and complaince decals, whatever you need, we've got you covered.

Free Next Day Shipping

If your delivery point is in a "1 Day" zone, your print order will be delivered with next day transit at no cost! Not in a next day zone? 90% of the USA will be delievered within 2 transit days or less and the rest in only 3 days, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico! All prices in your portal include shipping so there are no surprises at checkout. Ask us for more details

print delivery transit times

What is a Print / Marketing Portal?

As your organization expands, maintaining control of your brand becomes ever more difficult. With more branches, stores, franchisees, departments, or employees, come more ideas about marketing collateral and n increased chance of "rogue marketing materials" being produced. Maintaining branding consistency throughout your organization, no matter how big or small, is essential to brand trust and continued maximized growth. This is where marketing portals come in.

HQ Printing Marketing Portals are private, internal online mini-stores that contain all of your brand assets as well as corporate approved marketing materials. Your customized portal will be branded to your company and allows for very simple, very efficient ordering of virtually any items related to your marketing or printing.

Because our portals are built in-house, from the ground up, we can customize the look and features to meet your organization’s specific needs. For qualified accounts, there are no setup fees, no ongoing fees, and no other fees associated with creating or maintaining your custom marketing portal. If you need extensive custom work done, unique features added, or graphic design work, just give us a call and we will discuss the details and work out a reasonable fee.

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